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>///<. You’re cute though.

nononnono hold on for an actual second here right

sir, you are extremely cute no denial allowed don’t try to change the subject here >:|

theamazingwondermeg replied to your post: on another one of those dumb skype ca…

I would take a picture of me and my Dew, but that’s to many bottles.

it’s alright, you can make it up by mounting and dewing me c;

Anonymous sent: I thought selv was in dorksquad?

if selv feels comfortable calling us her friends, and if she’s okay with it then heck yeah is she in dorksquad! c: may i ask you why you’re asking the same thing to several of us in dorksquad? genuinely curious here.

if you’re wondering about that picture that i uploaded just awhile ago, then selv just wasn’t in the call at the time. nevertheless, she is still a friend. the way our calls work is that people show up, come and go whenever they want, no invitation needed.

on another one of those dumb skype calls, like we are every night and well uh
mountain dew.
that is all.
Anonymous sent: BUT!

oh my god

Anonymous sent: Bleb.

C H L O E.

Anonymous sent: I found this!

oh my god.

Anonymous sent: I still haven't found ma berries

oh my god

Anonymous sent: OH MY GOD

uH hi hello what???? c: hi there!